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Why Do Farmers Celebrate Earth Day?

This past Sunday, my husband and I loaded our boys in truck to head to Earth Day Loudoun’s Family Festival in Ashburn, Va. As farmers, the idea of mingling with a projected 6,000 people isn’t my first choice for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I love being around people, but super large crowds can make me a bit uneasy. We thought it was important that Loudoun County farmers be represented at the Earth Day Festival, so in addition to our kids, we loaded some of our delicious strawberry and raspberry jam, a raised bed strawberry row model and our mascot Berry D. Licious in the truck and off we went.

Berry D. Licious shared his smile and let everyone know that strawberry season in northern Virginia is right round the corner.As farmers, we celebrate Earth Day each and every day. Without caring for our land (soil and waterways), we would not be able to grow crops. Our daily decisions are a testament to the value we place on our land. We are just caretakers of this land for the time we are here, and hope that at least one of our young boys will take over the farm when grown up. We use the best practices modern agriculture has to offer to provide the safest, healthiest and tastiest food possible. For us, that means making sure all our plants have proper nutrients added by fertilizer, and yes, we also use best management practices when dealing with disease and insect challenges.

The organizers did a fantastic job with this event; unfortunately the weather didn’t agree and the crowds thinned out by 2:30 with a constant, heavy rain. I can only imagine the excitement if only it had been a halfway decent weather day.

As a farmer, I love my family, I love my land, I love my farm and I love this wonderful Earth we all share.