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The Strawberry Countdown Has Begun!

Those of you who know my family, know that during strawberry season here in northern Virginia, our family eats strawberries from morning till night, no joke! Many times these strawberries are accompanied by ice cream. Each spring we eagerly await the first strawberry, but well before that berry shows up, the field is dotted with thousands of little white flowers, called blossoms. Eventually (approximately 30 days), these blossoms will become the oh, so yummy strawberries that we love! Out in the field today, this snapshot shows the blossoms in the field. I count 12 blossoms on this one plant, so that means 12 strawberries are in the making.

The strawberry field at Wegmeyer Farms is in full blossom.The strawberry field at Wegmeyer Farms is in full blossom.This time of year is notoriously rough on Tyler and I, as the potential for frost is great. On Monday morning, it reached a low of 29 degrees. Below freezing may be annoying or unwelcome to most of us, but to strawberry blossoms, it is deadly. We spend a considerable amount of time putting row covers (large, blanket-like covers) on the field before nightfall, and then taking them off during the day when temperatures are warmer. Our three little boys (2, 5 and 6) even pitch in, so you could say the entire family has a part in protecting the strawberry crop.

We will continue to protect the crop and dream about eating those first strawberries.

Cheers! Harriet