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Farms shares for our CSA (community supported agriculture) season are now available! Visit our online store to purchase your CSA share.

$550 Full-Share – Approximately 20 weeks (from strawberry season to pumpkin season)
$250 Strawberries/Pumpkin Only – Receive weekly pickups during the strawberry and pumpkin seasons only.

Our one-of-a-kind CSA runs from Strawberry season (May) to Pumpkin season. Your CSA share will be bookended by our top-quality and locally famous strawberries and pumpkins. The CSA season will kickoff with buckets of strawberries each week for you and your family. The summer will be filled with yummy vegetables of all kinds, and the fall will end with your selection of 100 pounds of heirloom and/or carving pumpkins. We LOVE to farm and take great pride in providing nutritious and delicious food for our family, community and customers. We invite you to become part of our farm family by joining our CSA.

To join our CSA, please complete the membership application and membership agreement and return them to our farm at 38299 Hughesville Road, Hamilton, VA 20158.

We are committed to food safety. Our Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification  ensures all our production and handling practices are in accordance with the USDA’s (United States Department of Agriculture) recommended food safety guidelines. We voluntarily pay for a third-party audit every year to make sure we are doing everything we can to grow the safest, most nutritious food possible. We are the only farm in Loudoun County that is GAP certified.

How Members Benefit

Know your farmers: Our pick-up option allows you to interact with the farmers on a regular basis. Children and adults learn to see the connection to their food source and to the cycles of the growing season.

Get a Full-Service Operation: Our produce is harvested, washed, bunched and displayed for you. We offer two pick-up locations for your convenience.

Freshness Counts: At Wegmeyer Farms, our fruits and veggies are picked as close to pickup as possible to ensure ultimate freshness. This short period from the farmer’s hands to your hands, guarantees vine-ripened taste and crispness.

The contents of your box will change depending on what’s ready for harvest that week. It makes knowing what’s in season very simple – if it’s in your box, it’s in season! Goodies will include strawberries (lots of them), cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, sweet corn, onions, radishes, broccoli, mixed greens, squash, melons, pumpkins (100 pounds) and more!