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Strawberry Field Trips

Our strawberry field trips will take place again starting in May. All field trips are held at our Oatlands location in Leesburg. To reserve your field trip, please email Janis at Oatlands at education@oatlands.org, or call her at (703) 777-3174.

Bring history and plant science to life! Our unique springtime field trip combines local history and plant science – each member of your class will pick strawberries and learn how they grow at Oatlands Historic House and Gardens in Leesburg. The field trip is STEM-based, meets several Virgina SOLs and is perfect for all ages – pick strawberries to take home, learn how they grow and visit the historic greenhouse and gardens. Your field trip includes the following elements:

Strawberry Learning Classroom: In the learning classroom, students will learn about the strawberry life cycle, temperature importance in agriculture, irrigation and plant nutrition.

Strawberry Picking Experience: Students will be taught how to pick a strawberry and how to tell when they are ready to pick. Each student will pick a pint of strawberries to take home.

Historic Greenhouse: Enter the 1810 greenhouse to hear about the Carter Family and learn about Mrs. Carter’s passion for greenhouse gardening. Students will learn about life in the late 1800s.

Scavenger Hunt in the Gardens: Nagivate your way through the terraced gardens on a
one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt.

Schedule Your Field Trip Today: Field trips are held Monday – Friday, May 1 to May 31. Cost is $12 per student, teachers are free. To schedule your field trip, please contact our Field Trip Coordinator via email at education@oatlands.org or call at (703) 777-3174.