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We’re Open! Strawberry Picking Tips

We are officially open! The weather is hot and our strawberries are exploding at each of our three locations (addresses below). We anticipate a short picking season (about 3 weeks) due to extreme cold weather followed immediately by extreme warm weather so join us as soon as possible to enjoy our tasty berries! We want to ensure you ... Read More

Why the Red Flag for Strawberries?

When you come to pick strawberries at Wegmeyer Farms you will get a red flag.  And we often get asked about why we use these red flags, so please let us explain. We pick in an organized way in order to help you find juicy red berries  easier and also for keeping the plants healthy. ... Read More

The Strawberry Countdown Has Begun!

Those of you who know my family, know that during strawberry season here in northern Virginia, our family eats strawberries from morning till night, no joke! Many times these strawberries are accompanied by ice cream. Each spring we eagerly await the first strawberry, but well before that berry shows up, the field is dotted with ... Read More