Our farm locations are home to farm fresh strawberries and pumpkins in Loudoun County.

Strawberries & Pumpkins in Loudoun County

We are known for our delicious strawberries in the spring and unique and colorful pumpkins in the fall. We take great pride in what we grow – the taste, the quality, and the appearance – and strive for the best pure experience for all our visitors. We invite you to visit and enjoy our top-rated products and the authentic farm experience! 

Welcome to Wegmeyer Farms – an authentic pick-your-own family farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of northern Virginia.

Kids love our pick-your-own strawberries!

U-Pick Reservations


To ensure your safety during COVID-19, we will be taking reservations ahead of your visit to enter the strawberry patch. Only those with a ticket will be permitted to enter the patch at their scheduled time slot. 

We have created some mandatory practices and procedures to ensure the safety of all farm guests. Please review these policies prior to your visit.

Drive-Thru Pick-up

Before your visit, don’t forget to order some of our tasty drive thru items including farm fresh donuts, fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade, and pre-picked strawberries!

Quantities are limited. Once they are sold out for the day, they are sold old. Items for purchase will be updated daily with quantities available. The drive thru is closed.

We have pre-picked strawberries available for purchase at each of our 3 locations!
Join our Farm CSA for farm fresh strawberries and pumpkins!

2021 Strawberry & Pumpkin CSA Registration

Our strawberry and pumpkin CSA is now sold out and registration is now closed. Please stop by the farm this strawberry or pumpkin season for our delicious, farm fresh pumpkins and strawberries!

Strawberry Field Trips

Strawberry field trips are not yet back to normal due to COVID. We are offering two options:

1. We are offering a virtual field trip for $100, which includes a 20-30-minute strawberry lesson and is unlimited in the number of people attending.
2. The second option we are offering is an in-person field trip to the field only offered on Wednesday mornings for no more than one hour between 9-12. In addition to the strawberry lesson, students will have the opportunity to pick their own pint of strawberries. This option requires a minimum of 20 people (both students and parents pay) and a maximum of 40 people. The cost per field trip participant is $12. No large buses.


If you are interested in scheduling one of these options, please send an email to [email protected] and sharing you name, school name, email address and field trip type you are interested in.

U-Pick strawberries at our 3 pick-your-own strawberry fields!