About Our Strawberries

At Wegmeyer Farms, we provide an authentic experience as you enjoy delicious, juicy strawberries “as-fresh-as-it-gets” at our pick-your-own fields. Strawberry season is in May and June.

Pick-your-own strawberries in our u-pick strawberry fields!

Choose From Our Three Locations:

Wegmeyer's Home Farm

38299 Hughesville Road, Hamilton

Pick-your-own: Drive down an old gravel road to reach our picturesque farmstead with strawberries planted on a beautiful hillside field.

Oatlands Historic Mansion

Little Oatlands Lane, Leesburg
(Route 15)

Pick-your-own: Just a few miles south of Leesburg on Route 15, Oatlands Plantation has large bountiful field of strawberries. 


Gilbert's Corner

39958 John Mosby Highway, Aldie
(Route 15 and Route 50 intersection)

Gilberts Corner (39958 John Mosby Highway, Aldie at Route 15 and Route 50 intersection)
Pre-picked: At the intersection of Route 15 and Route 50, Gilberts Corner is easy to find with a convenient location. Gilberts Corner has pre-picked strawberries for sale daily.

Spend a day out in the sunshine with the family picking farm fresh strawberries!

Book a U-Pick Adventure Today!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are taking limited reservations for each of our three locations to comply with CDC recommendations and to ensure your safety! Please use the button below to find out more information on registration and to book your visit. 

Berry Picking Safety Practices & Procedures

We have modified our pick-your-own operation to ensure your safety before, during, and after your pick. Please read about our safety practices and procedures as these rules must be followed during your visit. 

We have pre-picked strawberries available for purchase at each of our 3 locations!

Bring your entire family, some friends or just yourself for some old-fashioned strawberry picking.

Picking strawberries is the perfect opportunity to learn about where our food comes from or to remind yourself just how flavorful fresh berries are supposed to taste. For those who might need a little help in the field, we also offer pre-picked berries. Don’t forget to pick up a jar of Wegmeyer Farms strawberry preserves – so yummy!

Our strawberries are grown on raised plastic beds, which keeps the berries clean, dirt-free and makes for easy picking. We offer one-gallon picking containers for your berries, which you will get when you check in at the strawberry hut. We accept cash, checks, Visa and Mastercard.

U-Pick strawberries at our 3 pick-your-own strawberry fields!
Spend a day out in the sunshine with the family picking farm fresh strawberries!

Tips for Your Visit

  • Call before you leave the house. Ripening of strawberries is dependent on the weather. Call to be sure that a good supply will be available on the day you want to pick. If you want to pick up a large quantity of ready-picked berries, call in advance to see if you can reserve some. (540) 751-1782.
  • Pick early or late in the day, when it is cool. Your strawberries will keep better and you’ll enjoy yourself more!
  • Dress appropriately. Consider wearing long sleeves if the serrated edges of the leaves tend to irritate your arms. Access to fields is generally easy, but appropriate shoes or sandals for outdoor walking and a hat for sun may also be good ideas.
  • For PYO, dress small children in red or dark colors. Then you won’t need to worry about the inevitable juice stains
  • Please follow signs and directions and respect farm property. We are concerned about the safety and welfare of everyone who visits our farm.
  • Please watch your children. Don’t let them trample the rows, climb on farm machinery, or wander off towards farm ponds or the road.
  • No pets are allowed in the berry field. For the safety and health of all, pets are not allowed in the berry field and must stay in the vehicle.
  • Care for your fruit on the way home. Don’t put your berries in the trunk of your car or leave them sitting in the car if it is sunny. Consider bringing an insulated cooler along.